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  • Only Escrow Company in the World, That Also Provides Escrow Insurance
  • We also accept Bitcoins, Ethereum and even Dogecoins!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer everything that we think our customers might want to know before starting out. 

How long does the escrow process take?

Most transactions are completed within 1 to 5 business days, transaction timelines are still unique to each transaction and depend on a lot of factors like payment method, country (place) & banking speeds for wire transfers.

Are international sales or purchases permitted?

PayWush.com supports international transactions in all countries and regions as long as they are digital goods or an online sale of a digital business (Internet business). For other kinds of sales, some countries have restrictions, and you would need to contact us to be able to make sure which countries are supported in a particular case.

Does PayWush provide any kind of Insurance?

Yes. In-fact we are the only Escrow company in the world to provide insurance of funds at a minimal initial cost of insurance. Please contact our support to get more details on the same. 

How does PayWush.com protect me?

PayWush.com holds funds while goods move and services are completed.

PayWush.com ensures Sellers are paid when they deliver goods or complete agreed upon services, ensuring Buyers receive a refund if goods are not delivered or services rendered. PayWush.com also vets Buyers and Sellers to ensure fraudulent users are removed.

When are funds released to the Seller?

PayWush.com releases funds to the Seller when the Buyer accepts products and/or services or after the Inspection Period has expired. A Buyer can accept products and/or services by clicking on the “Accept” button in their PayWush.com account.

How does PayWush.com protect against fraud?

  • We verify the identity of all parties involved in the transaction.
  • All payments by the Buyer are verified as "good funds" before the Seller is instructed to ship.
  • All shipments are tracked to ensure the Seller shipped and the Buyer received the merchandise.
  • If the merchandise is fraudulent, the Buyer has the opportunity to “Reject” and return the merchandise during the Inspection Period, while the funds are still in escrow. Please note: PayWush.com is not responsible for fees associated with the return.
  • PayWush.com monitors and confirms that the Buyer has received the merchandise or domain, protecting the Seller from the Buyer stating otherwise.

How does online escrow work?

Online escrow is a five-step payment process that protects Buyers and Sellers in a transaction.PayWush.com holds the funds in trust while goods and/or services are delivered from Seller to the Buyer. PayWush.com only releases the funds once the Buyer has received and accepted the goods and/or services.

What is required to verify my identification?

PayWush.com’s Know Your Customer (KYC) program ensures the safety of all transactions by confirming customer identity through documentation collection.To confirm your personal details and address,  an escrow representative from PayWush contacts you via email to ask you for a valid proof of identity and proof of address document. This could be a government ID if it adequately verifies your identity and address. This is done within 1-3 business days after a user creates an account on PayWush.com. We also do not depend on automated emails as an extra safety precaution and check all steps via manual emails through our specialist staffs that do vetting at every part of the process. So, no automated emails for anything, ensuring extra layer of security. 


We Accept

We accept most payment solutions available throughout the globe, including paypal and even crypto currencies.